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FatLineSlim ⓧ​

For our valued B2B clients, we present the FatLineSlim fat reduction device that sets the standard in the world of aesthetic body treatments. This innovative device is specifically designed to ensure targeted fat reduction for your clients.
Made In Germany & Switzerland
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General information

As a beauty studio owner, you want to ensure that your clients receive the best fat reduction and body sculpting solutions. The FatLineSlim fat reduction device is the answer to your needs and offers a range of benefits that guarantee your customers exceptional results and satisfaction.

Areas of application

You can use our product for the following areas and problems:

Technical data

The device has the following technical data:

Product information

For radiant skin, day after day.

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16 in 1 skin care thanks to the latest technology.


Break down fat cells and stimulate collagen production.


The best solutions for fat reduction & body sculpting.

What our customers


I have tried the “UltraLine” cavitation device and am absolutely thrilled. The results are simply amazing. My customers were able to notice noticeable changes in their problem areas, and the applications were probably completely painless.

Hannah Mertens


The IceLine diode laser has completely changed my experience with hair removal. The treatments are fast and almost painless, thanks to the built-in cooling. After only a few treatments, I have already noticed significant progress. I am thrilled with the long-lasting results and I am happy to be able to help my clients in this way.

Yasmin Aydin

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